Date: 17 November 2018

Place: Pisces 3

01:20 PM   01:30 PM   Welcome speech
01:30 PM   02:10 PM   Keynote 1 - Heterogeneous Transfer Metric Learning, Yong Luo (Nanyang Technological University)
02:10 PM   02:50 PM   Keynote 2 - Multi-source data classification via fully convolutional networks and post-classification processing, Bo Du (Wuhan University)
02:50 PM   03:10 PM   Paper - Weighted Quantization and Hamming Search for Fast Image Super-Resolution, Weimin Chen and Xianglong Liu
03:10 PM   03:30 PM   Coffee break
03:30 PM   03:50 PM   Paper - Learning via Social Preference: A Coarse-to-Fine Training Strategy for Style Transfer Systems, Zhuoqi Ma, Nannan Wang, Yi Hao, Jie Li, and Xinbo Gao
03:50 PM   04:10 PM   Paper - Growing Deep Forests with Soft Routing and Learned Connectivity, Jianghao Shen, Sicheng Wang, and Zhangyang Wang
04:10 PM   04:30 PM   Paper - User Feedback and Uncertainty in User Guided Binarization, Florian Westphal, Håkan Grahn, and Niklas Lavesson
04:30 PM   04:50 PM   Paper - Defect Detection from UAV Images based on Region-Based CNN, Meng Lan, Yipeng Zhang, Lefei Zhang, and Bo Du
04:50 PM   05:10 PM   Paper - Supervised Image Classification with Self-paced Regularization, Tao Zhang, Chen Gong, and Wenjing Jia
05:10 PM   05:30 PM   Paper - Graph Regularized Symmetric Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Graph Clustering, Ziheng Gao and Naiyang Guan